Professional Profile


System Engineer, graduated in 1990. Have worked in various sales and marketing positions through the career.

Twenty years working with various product lines ranging from Mainframes driven solutions to Personal Computers.

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Coordinated many important consulting and solution projects in the Financial Services Industry. Familiar with the processes needed to operate a company, either by implementing it or being  part of  these processes. Over the years, extensively training was provided. List of classes here.

Executive level selling. Responsible for managing complex projects and the entire sales cycle to large customers. Active coordination of multiple initiatives to customer fulfillment and intensify relationship with key executives. Selling software, hardware, services, consulting, outsourcing, etc.

Seasoned salesman, used to work under pressure to achieve sales goals. Good record of sales achievements. Quotas ranging from  MUS$ 5 to MUS$ 50.

Excellent relationship with customers, partners and vendors through the years. Ethic, professional, team oriented, clear, concise and objective.  References can be provided if needed.

Capable of negotiating  in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Available for Latin America coverage based on Brasil, Chile or Europe.

Self employed as consultant for the last seven years at MCP Digital, a small independent company with focus in small business consulting and special development.

Trading stocks and future markets for the last ten years. Created and developed automated trading strategies (robots). Information can be found at JPP Trading Systems.

Knowledge in Android, Windows and Web (WordPress, Javascript, PHP) development. Provided web hosting,  publishing and social media marketing, including imagery and designer services. Find more here.

Always updated with the latest trends in technology, management, global business, capital markets, development, photography and many more. Learning enough to understand how much is yet to be learned.



  • Rom cooking/testing and small app development (SDK+Eclipse)
  • XDA-Developers forum and other Android development forum


  • Database application development using Visual Studio 2015 and SQL
  • C#, C++, Javascript
  • MS TechNet subscriber (ex)
  • Network integration, storage management


  • Creating and maintaining web hosting services and webpages. WordPress, Drupal or PHP (MySQL)


  • Image processing tools. Attended to dozens of specialized classes and training.
  • NAPP associate.
  • Professional level retouch and processing.


  • Twenty years of photographing. Technical and practical experience. Outdoor photography.
  • Please visit Patagonia Images where some of my work is exposed.

Cloud and Social Media ecosystem

  • Marketing and group management.

I am an experienced landscape photographer that embraces the art of photography in its pure form, so I studied, practiced and developed my own style. Dedicated to capture scenic in South America, mainly Brazil, Argentina and Chile with special interest in the Patagonia region.

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My portfolio has around 10.000 selected RAW images. A subset of it is available in different channels.

After so many years I finally started having a commercial vision of imagery.

With commercial objectives I decided to review all my images since 2004 and choose the ones with commercial appeal.

The results are better than expected, with lots of creative content created without specific purposes other than capture a moment. No micro-stock tendencies, demands or solicitations affected the captures, so it did not influence my personal style, just my selective vision while evaluating my images.

Usually I provide imagery and assets for my own projects at MCP Digital, used in websites, branding, banners, logos.

Now I decided to take commercial seriously, and uploaded a few of my images to some micro-stock agencies.

Find me at Adobe Stock, 500px, Shutterstock, Dreamstime or at my own website Patagonia Images | Landscape Photography.

Another side-effect of the passion for photography is the post-processing, that replaced the old lab processing.

Since I take thousands of images, I ended up specializing in post-processing. Post-processing is fundamental to get the most of any image.

I have been evolving in Photoshop since the early 90s, and probably I’m more capable in post-processing than capturing the images, but one helps the other anyway.


  • Executive Sales Manager
  • Stock Market Automation
  • Web creation and development
  • Photographer
  • Images Post-processing

Employment Timeline

  • 2005 - 2008


    Account Executive for large accounts in the Financial Services Industry. Selling hardware, software and solutions. Main customer was Itaú.

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    My last position at HP was Partner Business Manager. My main objective was to increase HP sales through Enterprise Value Channels. Improve the partnership by using the channels expertise to complement HP solutions. Other activities related to the function are the administration of the partner relationship with HP. This includes planning, objectives, forecast, campaigns and funds management.

    There were many different partners in my territory, presenting big differences in size, objectives and maturity. In fiscal year 2007, one of the partners of my territory was chosen as the most certified and with the biggest sales growth of the year.


  • 1997 - 2004

    Sun Microsystems

    Worked as Account Manager at Sun for seven and a half years. My job was to manage large Financial Services Accounts and small / medium Territories.

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    I was one of the former members of the Financial Services Sales Team and was responsible for selling Sun hardware, software, services and solutions.

    Sun’s sales model is channel oriented, and it is part of my job to fulfill customer needs through the local channels and to be able to coordinate their efforts in order to be profitable and grow with Sun. Driving the channel expertise to specific customer needs is the way to help them add value to the sales chain and be recognized as a business partner and trusted adviser.Customers such as CEF, Banco do Brasil, Banco Itaú, ABN, Santander, Bovespa, BMF, Bank Boston and Bradesco, among others have been part of my sales territory. During these years I have developed business in many different areas with each of those customers. The installed base of Sun on the Financial Services territory is in great part a professional and personal achievement for me, considering that the first sales in the segment were executed under my account management.


  • 1990 - 1997


    During the seven years with IBM, I had the opportunity to work in many technical and sales positions, always covering the large Brazilian Financial Services segment.

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    As a Client Representative of Itaú Bank account, one of the largest accounts at IBM Brazil, I had the responsibility to leverage products and solutions through executive relationship. Spreading IBM message to high level IT executives with deep knowledge demanded strong technical expertise as well as a very good articulation in order to meet their expectations. To accomplish that, the company provided me with training and field experience.

    Some of the products and solutions I leveraged included Mainframes, AS400, Risc, PCs, banking automation, network management, Data warehouse, CRM, Risk Management, etc.

    The experience acquired working with large account projects provided me with a wide perspective of banking operations, while the banks pursued their financial and market objectives using the latest available technology in order to obtain time to market offers, customer retention and growth by means of new products and state of the art services.

    Later I began to work as a Product Specialist at the new IBM PC organization in Brazil. During this period of innovation and changes at IBM, I was able to work with partners, channels and marketing, helping in the sales structure to represent the new product line.

    This was the beginning of the IBM Brazil channels model. Leveraging the channels model to fit the large accounts needs and to effectively sell to them were my objectives during this two year period.


  • 1989 - 1990


    Territory Sales Representative working with manufacturing, agro-industry government institutions and the education segment.

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    This was my first sales experience that helped me to get in contact with this new environment. Nevertheless I was able to achieve my quota objectives.


  • 2017


    Dozens of specializations through online classes.

  • 1988

    Systems Engineer

    PUCC – Pontificia Universidade Catolica

  • 1994


    Marketing specialization at ESPM


Campinas - SP Brazil

+55 19 9896-28930